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  • Airbike Weed Wacker 2.0
  • Airbike Weed Wacker 2.0
  • Airbike Weed Wacker 2.0
  • Airbike Weed Wacker 2.0
  • Airbike Weed Wacker 2.0
  • Airbike Weed Wacker 2.0
Weed Wacker 2.0

Airbike Weed Wacker 2.0

Professional Battery Powered Blade Weed Wacker
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[Fully Upgraded Blades] Upgraded and thickened to 9" round and flat blades, the working efficiency is increased by 230%; which means very thick vines and bushes can be trimmed easily. New hardened 6-inch steel wire haying discs are added, the haying discs last longer than traditional blades; improved haying rope, no longer need to worry about breaking in the middle of the work like plastic blades, the rope can be replaced, which is more environmentally friendly and convenient.
[Upgraded Pure Copper Brushless Motor] The speed of the body is increased to 4800r/min, by increasing the speed of the body, the working efficiency of the lawn mower is further improved. The high rotational speed can cut the lawn faster and reduce the mowing time. Exclusively upgraded to more advanced pure copper brushless motor when similar products are still using backward brushed motor. Say goodbye to motor burnout from now on. At the same time more energy efficient. The service life is increased to an epic 10 years.
[MORE HUMANITARIAN UPGRADE] Airbike trimmer is upgraded to oversized grass stopper, we gift you goggles and gloves and tool kit, never worry about losing screws and tools again; New telescopic swivel design, thus reducing wobbling and making the lawn trimmer more solid. This provides better stability and control, making it easier and safer for you to operate with confidence.
【More Applications】Airbike upgraded trimmer is suitable for cutting thorny shrubs, small vines and saplings in edge gullies (equivalent to pruners and chain saws), upgraded to a 9-inch blade builds 230% more area more suitable for trimming ground weeds, corners and edges of the lawn, and hard-to-clean areas, used for light mowing work or as a supplement to high-intensity mowing work (equivalent to a heavy-duty string trimmer).
【Longer working time】Airbike's 2.0 upgraded trimmer can work continuously for about 70 minutes, and the improved battery effectively solves the problem of short usage time of similar products. Compared to fuel-powered tools there will be no gas odour, no need to start multiple times, and less likely to jam the cord compared to man-made trimmers. It can help you extend the working time. Note: Charging the battery before it runs out can better protect the life of the battery.
【Recommended Groups】 This tool is easy to assemble, round blade, flat blade extended to 9 inches, the efficiency of the work increased by 230%, but the weight of the single machine is even only 3 pounds, more suitable for women, the elderly and other people to use, in the use of the process of more energy-saving, more relaxed!
[Comfortable and Safe Design] The battery has a new power display for a better experience, no need to bend down to trim the bushes behind you, easy to complete the pruning work. New curved handle is more ergonomically designed, safety switch button, difficult for children to open. The enlarged rotating stopper design is better able to prevent the weed whacker from getting stuck in the grass while working, ensuring that it can adapt to more complex working environments.
BATTERY COMPATIBLE WITH MORE AIRBIKE'S EQUIPMENT】Improved battery pin with Airbike's chain saw, pruner, pressure washer, power screwdriver to achieve universal battery.
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